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We have listed our past Orchids of the Days so that you can peruse through them alphabetically. The date when a plant was featured gives an idea of when the plant spikes or flowers. Unless they have sold out, plants from throughout the year are available out of bloom and are priced the same, according to the size of the plant.

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Aerides falcata
Aerides falcata
This elegant Asian species is monopodial-growing (fan-like foliage) and produces cascading inflorescences with many fragrant, waxy, peach-tinted flowers with pink and white markings. Occurs in nature from the Eastern Himalayas to as far southeast as Vietnam.

These established plants are self-propagation** seedlings from our own mother-plant. The blooms resemble their origin flower with minimal variation.

** "Selfing" propagation is done by pollinating a flower with its' own pollen. The resulting seedlings are technically unique, and may vary slightly in precise color, size, or markings, yet generally posses a strong resemblance to the self-pollinated flower.

Temperature Tolerant. May-June blooming. Species from South and Southeast Asia.
Orchid of the Day: April 22, 2014
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Aerides Pussadi
Aerides Pussadi
Cascading plumes of elegantly colorful flowers make this primary-hybrid an excellent plant for hanging pots! Flower color for these hybrids range from blush to white and have accent markings of pink or magenta. The compact, fan-like foliage has an almost succulent charm.

Both parents are fragrant, so these flowers ought to produce fragrance, sweet to citrus-like, and mildly aromatic to moderately fragrant; of course, fragrance is also affected by environmental factors, like humidity, temperature, and time of day. These seedlings are from the cross between two gorgeous Asian species, Aerides falcata and Aerides odorata.

Established blooming-size seedlings. 'Seedlings' are the offspring of pollination; as siblings these may be similar, yet each is unique and no two are identical in precise color or shape. Enjoy the surprise!

Temperature Tolerant. May blooming.
Orchid of the Day: March 24, 2022
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Angraecum distichum
Angraecum distichum
Unusual stems of succulent-like, plaited leaves and one-third-inch-wide white flowers characterize this compact plant. Sweetly fragrant. A good orchid to try after mastering Phalaenopsis because light, water, and temperature requirements are similar (please don't water it with ice cubes). Habitat is wet tropical Africa (from Senegal east to Uganda, south to Angola) on branches deep within the tree canopy, so also a reliable plant for terrariums. Plants tend bloom sporadically throughout the year. Warm to Intermediate. November blooming. Species from Sub-Saharan Africa.
Orchid of the Day: June 26, 2011
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