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Silent Auction 2020
The Annual Silent Auction is held every year during the first week of November, and gives you the opportunity to bid on first-releases of select and newly awarded cultivars, on rare plants, and on glorious specimens.

All plants are temperature tolerant (can take light frost), and unless otherwise noted. Additionally, with the exception of compots, all are blooming size or larger. When the term "clone" is used, it is referring to a division of the original plant and not a plant produced through meristematic propagation.

Auction Type: Silent Auction- bid amounts and number of bidders are unknown to fellow bidders and the public.

Minimum Bid (MB): All bids must be greater than or equal to the minimum bid. The minimum bid is typically less than the price we would have asked had we offered the plant to an individual customer.

Bid Deadline: bid at your convenience anytime between now and 4 pm November 8, 2020, although tie-bids go the earliest bidder.

Bid Method: Phone, E-mail, fax, or mail (please allow for transit time) your bids to SBOE. Expect confirmation of E-mail, fax, and mail bids within a day of arrival.

Plants: Flower photos will be added to the list below, so please keep checking back.

Notification: Once auction results are compiled and rechecked (usually by Wednesday morning), successful (highest) bidders will be notified and delivery arranged (prices do not include delivery or CA tax). Then unsuccessful bidders will be notified.

Observed Bidding Strategies: Some people bid the MB or slightly above - great if no one else bids. Some bid a little more- to beat out the MB bidders. Some bid much more- if you really want it and can afford it. And some bid a whole lot more- if you really really cannot wait to own it and can afford it.

All plants have been virus tested for CymMV/ORSV.

Questions?: please call us at 800 553 3387 or e-mail

Bidding deadline: 4pm, November 8, 2020

1 - Angraecum distictum - Specimen
With its proliferation of crystal-white, quarter inch flowers, offset against its intriguing pleated, dark green foliage, this African species never fails to draw a gasp from passersby. If it is night, get a little closer and you can catch its sweet fragrance. Summer peak blooming. Intermediate growing. Specimen with more than 75 stems overgrowing a hanging 6 inch pot. Now producing some offseason flowers. SBOE MB $300
2 - Brassavola Crazyarachno - Specimen
Large ghostly white-green flowers contrasted against arching-cascading terete leaves makes for lovely display. Adding to this is the redwood basket which is tightly interwoven with masses of silvery roots. At night it emits a soft sweet fragrance. Late summer bloom. Approximately 35 leaves,15 are leads, overgrowing a 4 inch slatted wood basket. SBOE MB $175
3 - Brassavola flagellaris - specimen
A long lasting, night-fragrant beauty! This plant's name means "whip-like", and is derived from it's long, terete, pendant foliage. The cream colored flowers have a large, broad lip that is bright white with an almost neon-green throat. The flower clusters on large specimens can each have up to fifteen flowers, and the buds can take on a rosy hue in bright light. Often flowers in spring and fall. 45 bulbs, 7 are leads, in a 6" slatted wood basket. SBOE MB $165
4 - Brassolaelia Gibraltar Road 'Epic'
By far, the best from the cross. Large flower size was inherited from its Sea Urchin 'Pearl Queen' parent with a more compact growth habit inherited from its Brassavola parent. Late summer bloom. 7 bulbs, 2 are leads, in a 7 inch pot. SBOE MB $125
5 - Cattleya cernua - Specimen
The beauty in this species lies in its clusters of 3/4" brilliant red flowers held closely to its hugging/clumping vegetative growth habit. This makes it well suited for mounted culture. Spring bloom. 150 bulbs established on an 8" cork oak mount. SBOE MB $250
6 - Cattleya crispa - Specimen
Once the purpuratas drop their last flowers in July, it is this Brazilian beauty that takes front stage. Flowers are similarly large to purpurata but with a more upright set. The petal color is bright tinted white, the front of the lip predominantly dark wine-purple with yellow in the throat. The plant offered here is a large select clone of this wonderful species. Late summer bloom. 20 bulbs with 5 new growths, in a 12" pot. SBOE MB $175
7 - Cattleya Elegans fma. alba 'Lady Devina'
A select clone of this beautiful color form that produces large heads of fragrant, green tinted, white flowers. From the cross of Cattleya tigrina with Cattleya purpurata. Summer blooming. 5 bulbs, 2 are leads, in a 6 inch pot. SBOE MB $125
8 - Cattleya grandis 'Blood and Sand'
Cattleya grandeur! The slender, curling petals and sepals have delicately wavy edges, contributing in part to the handsome quality of this species. This clone is notable for its darker than typical lip markings along with the gold-copper color of its petals. Summer blooming. 4 bulbs with 3 large growths, in a 6 inch pot. SBOE MB $125
9 - Cattleya Harold Morris fma. coerulea 'Mermaid's Grotto'
Intriguing flowers with undulated cream-green petals and broad blue lip. From the confusing sounding parentage of Cattleya Schilleriana (intermedia x purpurata) x Cattleya schilleriana (species). Fragrant. Early summer blooming. 5 bulbs, 1 is a lead, in a 5" pot. SBOE MB $100
10 - Cattleya Intermedio-cinnabarina 'Birds of Rio' - Specimen.
From the cross between the splash-petaled Cattleya intermedia 'Boa Vista' and the elegant rupiculous Cattleya cinnabarina, comes this beautiful 3 lip variety. Sepals are orange with lips cream with ruby red on the tips. Flower clusters are held perfectly above the foliage. Spring blooming. 30 bulbs, 12 are leads, overgrowing a 6 inch pot. SBOE MB $275
11 - Cattleya labiata fma. coerulea
An uncommon color form of this large-flowered Brazilian species. Petals and sepals are tinted blue; the lip marked distally with a large patch of amethyst with yellow in the throat. Fragrant. Fall blooming. 4 bulbs, 1 is a lead, in a 3.25" pot. SBOE MB $125
12 - Cattleya Little Caliente 'Ruby Fire'
Clusters of 4" dark red flowers with purple-red lips, held nicely above the compact foliage, make this select clone really stand out. From the cross Devil?s Brew and milleri. Summer blooming. 6 bulbs, 1 is a lead, in a 4 inch pot. SBOE MB $125
13 - Cattleya purpurata fma. carnea 'Fiesta Pearl'
An excellent clone of the carnea color form of this Brazilian species. Petals are white with a salmon-pink lip. Summer blooming. 3 bulbs with 2 large growths, in a 6 inch pot. SBOE MB $175
14 - Cattleya purpurata 'Santa Catarina'
A large plant of the beautiful semi-albescent form of this species. Petals are bright white, occasionally with a tint, the lip dark purple. Summer blooming. 7 bulbs with 4 large growths, in a 5 inch pot. SBOE MB $150
15 - Cattleya sincorana fma. coerulea 'Pixie Twilight
The rare coerulea form of this compact Brazilian species. Petals are tinted blue with darker blue lip. Overall height when out of bloom is only five inches. 4 bulbs with 1 growth, in a 2.5" pot. SBOE MB $75
16 - Cattleya Summer Charm 'Rio Rose' - Specimen
This brilliantly colorful hybrid is composed of three petite Brazilian Cattleya species; sincorana, brevipedunculata, and pumila. The gorgeous result is large flowers, 3.75 inches across, of deep magenta with lips of burgundy and gold, blooming from the petite foliage of this plant. Winter blooming. 35 bulbs, overgrowing a 4 inch slatted wood basket. SBOE MB $250
17 - Cattleya Summer Samba 'Bela Bahia'
Large copper-red petals offset by a large bold fuchsia lip, along with a great flower set make this clone really catch the eye. A great bloomer having first flowered late June and again in September. From the cross of Cattleyas Massangeana x tenebrosa. 4 bulbs, 1 is a lead, in a 4" pot. SBOE MB $115
18 - Cirrhopetalum (Bulbophylum) Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry', FCC/AOS, AM/RHS, CCM/AOS - Specimen
With five CCM/AOS awards to its credit, this plant is well recognized as forming magnificent specimens; no less the plant offered here. A fantastic primary hybrid of (Cirr. longissimum x Cirr. rothschildianum); large flowers in umbels with distinct red striping. Intermediate growing. 34 bulbs, 11 are leads, growing over a 7" hanging pot. SBOE MB $225
19 - Cymbidium Little Beauty 'Midnight Runner'
This select clone from the cross of Cricket and canaliculatum produces a cascading column of dark red-brown flowers over yellow base color. Spring blooming. 5 bulbs, two spikes just showing, in a 6" pot. SBOE MB $100
20 - Dendrobium Avril's Gold '#7'
A select clone with clean yellow-gold flowers with red dotting of this famous grex. From cross of Aussie Child x speciosum. Winter blooming. 9 bulbs, 1 is a lead, in a 6" inch pot SBOE MB $200
21 - Dendrobium banksii 'Ruffles' HCC/AM
This plant is named after our friend David Banks of Australia and has just been recognized as a new species.This is the Watteragan Mountains form of Dockrillia (Dendrobium) striolatum. Early spring blooming. 75 leaves in a 3" pot. SBOE MB $125
22 - Dendrobium Jackaroo 'Fuchsia Fusion' - Specimen
A select clone from the cross of Awesome x Zipper. Flowers are large rich red-purples with white undertones and held nicely above foliage. Winter blooming. 25 bulbs, 7 are leads, 13 spikes showing, in a 7 inch pot. SBOE MB $175
23 - Dendrobium speciosum var. grandiflorum 'SanBar Perfection'
Commented on by all who saw it in our Dendrobium speciosum display at the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show. Flowers are brilliant yellow and displayed on beautiful arching inflorescences. Winter blooming. 7 bulbs, 2 are leads, in an 8" pot. SBOE MB $325
24 - Dendrobium speciosum var. hillii 'Spring Beauty'
One of the most beautiful hillii varieties of speciosum. The presentation of bright cream-white flowers is perfect on long arching inflorescences and the tall stately pseudobulbs look intriguing even when out of bloom. Late winter blooming. 4 bulbs, 1 is a lead, in an 8" pot. SBOE MB $250
25 - Dendrobium teretifolium - West Sydney Form
Referred to as the "bridal veil orchid" for its profusion of draping creamy-white, fragrant blossoms. Vegetative habit is equally beautiful with its pendant, branching, terete leaves, like thin green beans. A wonderful, unusual, species from Australia. Late winter blooming. 30 leaves in a 6" hanging pot. SBOE MB $225
26 - Dendrobium tetragonum - Compot
The Australian spider orchid is distinctive not only for its scented spider-like 2" to 3" yellow and red flowers but also for its beautifully formed four sided pseudobulbs. Fall - Winter blooming. 4 inch compot with 20+ plants, some in bud. SBOE MB $150
27 - Encyclia Anza - Compot
Those to bloom thus far from this cross of incumbens x cordigera have had great branching inflorescences of fragrant medium-red flowers with fuchsia striped lips. Early summer blooming. Compot of approximately 10 plantlets. SBOE MB $75
28 - Encyclia Loch Lomond 'Arwen Fair'
This select clone produces tall branching inflorescences of rose-over-buckskin colored flowers. From the cross of Standard Setter x Lee Ward. Summer blooming. 6 bulbs; 1 is a lead, in a 6 inch pot. SBOE MB $75
29 - Epidendrum parkinsonianum
A fabulous Mexican species with unusual, succulent-like pendant foliage and large, creamy-white flowers with a nocturnal fragrance. Spring - Summer blooming. 30 leaves, 9 growths, in an 8" slatted wood baskets (from 4 siblings planted together.) SBOE MB $175
30 - Laelia anceps fma. coerulea 'New Blue'
A very nice clone of this color form. Flower petals are white with great blue-lavender color surrounding the lip. Winter blooming. 8 bulbs, 4 are leads, 3 flower spikes, in a 6 inch pot. SBOE MB $250
31 - Laelia anceps fma. tinted semi-alba 'Starkissed'
Large tinted white flowers with magenta markings on the lip and yellow with red lines in the throat. Winter blooming. 3 bulbs with 1 flower spike, in a 3.25" inch pot. SBOE MB $150
32 - Laelia anceps fma. tinted semi-alba 'Rose Snow'
An exceptional clone from 'Marble King' line breeding with large stiff flowers. Color is white with rose tint on petals and bright patch of magenta on the lip. Winter blooming. 5 bulbs, 2 are leads with spikes, in a 5 inch pot. SBOE MB $350
33 - Laelia anceps var. major white - Specimen
Ideal for a conservatory or landscape feature. Flowers are bright white with red and yellow in throat and firm texture. A huge plant of a select clone from the cross of 'SanBar Marble King' x 'Marble Queen'. Winter blooming 60 bulbs with 17 spikes, overgrowing a 14" tub. SBOE MB $850
34 - Laelia Equitorial Twist 'Flamenco'
While both of these species have varnished appearing undulating dark red flowers, combining the high flower count of the undulata with the large flowers of the splendida has made for a stunning hybrid. Formerly in the genus Schomburgkia. Winter blooming. 5 bulbs; 2 are leads, 1 spike, in a 5 inch pot. SBOE MB $125
35 - Laelia tenebrosa 'Espirito Santo'
An exceptional clone in every way; beautiful color, shape, and size to the flowers, freely produces new leads, and a every new one blooms. From the 'Rain Forest' line of breeding. Summer blooming. 7 bulbs with 5 large growths, in a 7" pot. SBOE MB $250
36 - Laelia Wellesley 'Grand Sparkler'
Huge flower heads measuring 14" across carrying up to 25 large, undulated, burgundy veinated flowers, held 7 feet up; this is an amazing clone. Fall blooming. 15 bulbs (each 30" tall), had 4 inflorescences early October, in a 15" inch tub set into a 20" tub. SBOE MB $750
37 - Laelianthe Abigail Sunset 'Gilded Glory'
One of the finest from this cross of Laelianthe Mem. Earl Blanford and Laelia anceps 'Helen'. Flowers open dusky-rose changing to soft catalope yellow with rose edging when mature. Has refreshing melon fragrance. Winter blooming. 7 bulbs with 3 spikes, in an 8" pot. SBOE MB $150
38 - Leptotes bicolor - Specimen
This eastern Brazilian epiphyte is a favorite of ours because of its ability to bloom numerous flowers that are quite large relative to its tiny plant size. The flowers are white and have an intensely vibrant pink lip. Spring blooming. 80 bulbs, in a 4 inch slatted wood hanging basket. SBOE MB $150
39 - Maxillaria varabilis - Specimen
The bright yellow form of this small flowered Central American species. Intermediate growing. Winter blooming. 50 bulbs, in a 6 inch hanging pot. SBOE MB $125
40 - Myrmecocattleya Butterfly Wings 'Ripple Effect'
For this hybrid, we crossed christinae (5 foot spikes w/undulating gold ?red-brown flowers) with Cattleya forbesii, a near mini cattleya with gold-amber-green flowers. The results have been wonderful; undulating sepals and petals of gold-red with a colorfully striped lip. Growth habit is tight but attractively wild. When in flower, overall plant height is about 2 to 3 feet tall. Summer blooming. 4 bulbs, 1 is a lead, in a 5" pot. SBOE MB $75
41 - Myrmecolaelia Phantasm 'Neon Nightbird'
This schomburgkia hybrid produces clusters of 15 brilliant purple flowers on spikes five feet tall. The throats of the flower lips carry the distinctive tibicinus fine lines. From the cross of Laelia Curly Head x Myrmecophila tibicinis. Spring blooming. 4 bulbs, 2 are leads, in a 6 inch pot. SBOE MB $150
42 - Pleurothallis pectinata
The rare Brazilian "Plunger Orchid". Gorgeous round leaves hang from slender tapering stems. Look closely to see a neat row of white-green teardrop shaped flowers in the cup of the leaf. 6 leaves, 1 large growth, in a 3.25 pot. SBOE MB $150
43 - Renanthera Red Leopard 'Golden Kite'
About 1 out of 200 of these Red Leopards have been born with yellow flowers and red dots rather than red flowers. This is one of the finest. Very long lasting flowers. Spring bloom. 1 fan about 10" tall, in a 3.25 inch pot. SBOE MB $100
44 - Rhyncholaeliocattleya Miss Marvelous 'Marilyn Monroe'
Very lush, long lasting, freely produced flowers on this clone from the cross of Rhyncolaeliocattleya Marcella Koss x Laeliocattleya Miss Wonderful. Summer blooming. 7 bulbs, 3 are leads, in a 6 inch pot. SBOE MB $150
45 - Rhyncholaelia digbyana - Compot
A pot of vigorously growing seedlings of this exotic species. Distinctive to its showy beauty, is the 'fimbriated' (hair-like frills) edge of the lip. It is said that if you measured along the lip, around every 'frill', the circumference would total between 20 and 30 feet! Summer blooming. 30 plants growing in a 4 inch compot, ready to be potted out. SBOE MB $125
46 - Stanhopea tigrina var. nigroviolacea fma. albescens - Specimen
A rare albescent form of this Mexican species. Unlike some albino and albescent forms, this one is hardier, grows more prolifically, and blooms better than the typical colored forms. Late summer blooming. 11 green bulbs, 6 growths, overgrowing an 8" hanging basket. SBOE MB $250
47 - Stanhopea Victory 'Darth Vadar'
The contrast between the yellow base color and oxblood red overlay makes this clone really stand out. From the cross of Love Potion x tigrina. Very fragrant. Early Fall blooming. 8 bulbs, in a 4 inch pot, flowered this October. SBOE MB $115
48 - Vanda Java Jive 'Moulin Rouge'
This clone produces clusters of bright 4" wide magenta flowers covered with burgundy dotting. A great color and flower size development for temperature tolerant Vandas that can be grown out with the Laelias and Cymbidiums. 10" fan, in a 7" pot. SBOE MB $100
49 - Vanda Kenneth Roberts fma. albescent
A rare color form from the cross of Vandas Paki x tricolor var. suavis. Both of these parents are great outdoor growers for us as is this one. Flowers have a white base color and are covered with yellow-green dots along with a yellow-green lip. 2 fans, one 12 " and the other 3", in a 6 inch hanging pot. SBOE MB $100
50 - Vanda Twilight Tide 'Jalama Beach'
A distinctive clone with violet edged pale yellow petals heavily overlaid with rose-brown dotting. An exceptional bloomer having put out two large spikes this spring and another this October. From the cross of Vandas Santa Barbara Fizz x tricolor v. suavis. 18 inch tall fan, in a 6 inch hanging pot. SBOE MB $250
51 - "A Flower Lover's Guide to Mexico" by Phil Clark, 1972 (revised edition). 128 pages, mostly in black and white, with 15 in full color. Softback.
This handy little guide is very good on Mexican orchids including their habitats and common names, as well as their traditions, history, and legends. It does the same for many of the other famous plants from Mexico. In English. SBOE MB $25
52 - "Formosan Orchids" by Chow Cheng, 1979. 132 pages, most in color. Softback.
Description of 115 Taiwanese species, including a great picture, elevation, and habitat information spanning 54 genera. Mostly in English with local common names. SBOE MB $35
53 - "The Orchids of British Columbia" by A.F. Szczawinski, 1975 (third printing). 124 pages, all black and white. Stapled softback.
Not far from home, the adventures ands thrills of spotting native species of orchids throughout the forests and meadows of British Columbia. Amazing sites. SBOE MB $35
54 - First Issue of "The Australian Orchid Review", January 1936. 36 pages all black and white. Stapled softback.
Orchid History bought by Paul from famous orchid author Rebecca Northen. A gift signed to her in 1972 by the mythical Australian orchidist and editor of the first (1936) issue of "The Australian Orchid Review" G. Herman Slade. A brilliant man from mainly New South Wales. Also known as the DuPont of Australia. SBOE MB $50
55 - Xeroxed Copy "Das Pflanzenreich: Regni vegetabilis conspectus, IV. 50 Orchidaceae-Monandrae, Tribus Oncidiinae-Odontoglosseae Pars II" by Fr. Kranzlin
The rarest of the rare. A must for students of odontoglossums, oncidium, and cyrtochillum. This rare old copy was bought by Paul from Rebecca Northen. She had received it from Joe Arditti, PhD. In German, but figures and index make it useful for non-German speakers. SBOE MB $65
56 - Ten Enameled Slipper Orchid Pins from Around the World:
Ten beautiful, different lady slipper orchid pins collected by Paul at shows, societies, and meetings from around the world. SBOE MB $50
57 - Three "first day of issue" envelopes
Two from the 10th World Orchid Conference in Durban, South Africa, 1981. One from the 11th World Orchid Conference in Miami, 1984. Perfect for framing. SBOE MB $25

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