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The Annual Silent Auction is held every year in conjunction with our Fall Open House. This gives you the opportunity to bid on first-releases of select and newly awarded cultivars, on rare plants, and on glorious specimens.

All plants are temperature tolerant (can take light frost), and unless otherwise noted, are blooming size. When the term "clone" is used, it is referring to a division of the original plant and not a plant produced through meristematic propagation.

Auction Type: Silent Auction- bid amounts and number of bidders are unknown to fellow bidders and the public.

Minimum Bid (MB): All bids must be greater than or equal to the minimum bid. The minimum bid is typically less than the price we would have asked had we offered the plant to an individual customer.

Bid Deadline: bid at your convenience anytime between now and 4 pm November 3, 2019, although tie-bids go the earliest bidder.

Bid Method: Phone, E-mail, fax, mail (please allow for transit time), or give bid sheet to an SBOE employee. Expect confirmation of E-mail, fax, and mail bids within a day of arrival.

Plants: on view at SBOE. Flower photos will be added to the list below, so please keep checking back.

Notification: Once auction results are compiled and rechecked (usually by Wednesday morning), successful (highest) bidders will be notified and delivery arranged (prices do not include delivery or CA tax). Then unsuccessful bidders will be notified.

Observed Bidding Strategies: Some people bid the MB or slightly above - great if no one else bids. Some bid a little more- to beat out the MB bidders. Some bid much more- if you really want it and can afford it. And some bid a whole lot more- if you really really cannot wait to own it and can afford it.

All plants have been virus tested for CymMV/ORSV/TMV.

Questions?: please call us at 800 553 3387 or e-mail

Bidding deadline: 4pm, November 3, 2019

1 - Angraecum comorense 'Zuma Canyon' HCC/AOS
A choice variety of this wonderful species from the Comoro Islands with 18 inch sprays of fragrant green and white, 11" tall, blooms. Intermediate growing. 1 large fan with a 3-foot ,tip to tip, leafspan, in an 8-inch pot. 2 large flower spikes this October. sboe MB $225
2 - Brassavola Crazyarachno 'Octavia' - Small Specimen in Small Wooden Basket
The beauty in this variety lies with its arching cascading terete leaves contrasting with the large ghostly white-green flowers. Adding to this is the redwood basket which is tightly interwoven with masses of silvery roots. At night it emits a soft sweet fragrance. 25 bulbs, 4 are leads, in 4-inch wooden basket. sboe MB $125
3 - Catalog: Penn Valley Orchids, 1980
Rare, exclusive 52-page catalog of the most famous Paphs of 1980. The eccentric owner, Dr. William Wilson, amassed one of the world's most extensive collection of over 1000 selected and awarded varieties. Fifty color photographs of famous and rare varieties. From the Paul Gripp archives. 52-page catalog, 16 color pages, condition fair. sboe MB $50
4 - Cattleya C. G. Roebling 'Blue Magic' AM/AOS
This rarely available clone from Stewarts is the coerulea form of the primary cross between Cattleyas gaskelliana and purpurata. Petals are pale slate blue, lightly flared apically. The lip is broad, also slate blue, with light yellow in the throat. 2 bulbs, 1 large growth, in sheath, in a 5-inch pot. sboe MB $100
5 - Cattleya (Laelia) cinnabarina - Compot
From a selfing of two of our finest clones. This rock growing Brazilian species produces upright inflorescences of brilliant orange-red flowers on a compact growing plant. It also in the background of many todays temperature tolerant orange to red hybrids. Approximately 15 plants, some near flowering size, in a 4-inch community pot. sboe MB $125
6 - Cattleya Coral Caper 'Fantasy Flare'
This clone, from a cross between Cattleyas tigrina and Latona, produces clusters of 10 large, sweet-spicey scented, coppery-orange flowers. Fall blooming. 6 bulbs, 1 is a lead, in flower October 2019, in a 6-inch pot. sboe MB $115
7 - Cattleya (Laelia) dayana fma. coerulea - Specimen
The rare blue form of this miniature Brazilian species. Flowers are a light violet-blue. Lips are darker with distinct striations in the throat. October blooming. Approximately 30 bulbs, 14 are leads, 10 spikes Fall 2019, nested in a 6 inch hanging pot. sboe MB $225
8 - Cattleya Devil's Deal 'Crimson Lady'
The most exciting first bloom seedling of 2019 for us. Large, 3" to 4", dark red flowers, held nicely upright and with a perfect arch, and freely produced on a compact plant. Lots of further breeding potentional for this clone. From the cross of Devil's Brew with Cinnabrosa. Summer blooming. 4 bulbs, 1 large growth, in a 4-inch pot. sboe MB $125
9 - Cattleya (Laelia) Femme Fatale 'Rio Red'
A beautiful large flowered (6.5" natural spread) copper-red from the crossing of Cattleyas tenebrosa and Pacavia. Fall blooming. 3 bulbs, 1 short new growth, in a 5-inch pot. sboe MB $125
10 - Cattleya (Gaudii x Motte Spott) - Compot
Expect lots of spots, vibrant color, temperature tolerance, and fragrance from this compot. From the cross of Gaudii 'Raspberry Freckles' with Motte Spot 'Tickle Fickle'. Should be Summer blooming. Approximately 15 medium size seedlings in a 4-inch community pot. sboe MB $100
11 - Cattleya Mareeba Tiger - Compot
With a blend of bifoliate Cattleyas in its family tree, you can see where this charming little hybrid gets its vivid spots and hardiness. The typical flower color on the seedlings from this cross have been a vibrant cocoa brown with a distinct, contrasting dark burgundy-red spotting pattern throughout. Lips are broad with vivid magenta marking. Once mature, the flowers emit a powerful, sweetly spicey fragrance. Approximately 20 seedlings, from small to near flowering size, in a 4" compot. sboe MB $125
12 - Cattleya Margaret Oda Nosse 'Tom's Girl'
This cross and clone came about from trying to improve the perfect. Janice Evans has beautiful, easily produced, large lavender flowers. Schilleriana makes everything bigger, darker, and more intense. So we just had to cross the two and have been very pleased with the results. This clone has been our best. 4 bulbs, 1 is a lead, flowered this October, in 5-inch pot. sboe MB $100
13 - Cattleya Pastoral Symphony 'Resplendent' - Mounted Specimen
This mighty mini reliably produces an explosion of densely packed brilliantly colored flowers. Its pumila parent contributed large flowers and a real willingness to bloom while its other parent, sincorana, passed on its tighter growth habit through short rhizomes and smaller foliage. Petals are dark mauve with even darker marking on the lip. Approximately 30 bulbs, 5 are leads, on a cork mount. sboe MB $175
14 - Cattleya (Laelia) purpurata fma. alba 'Riven Rock'
A great alba clone of this "Queen of Brazilian Summer". Flowers are light green turning to white, can reach a natural spread of seven inches, and produce clusters of 5 flowers per spike. 3 bulbs, 1 short new growth, in a 5-inch pot. sboe MB $75
15 - Cattleya (Laelia) purpurata fma. semi-alba - Flask
One of the most striking color forms of this species; bright, occasionally tinted, white sepals and petals offset by brilliant dark purple lip. From a sib crossing of two of our best. Approximately 25 plants in a flask. sboe MB $100
16 - Cattleya (Laelia) purpurata fma. werhauseri - Flask
From a selfing of one of the most beautiful and free-flowering clones of this species, 'Kathleen' AM/AOS. Petals are white, the lips indigo transitioning to slate blue at the edges. Approximately 25 plants in flask. sboe MB $100
17 - Cattleya (Laelia) pumila 'Dark Star' CCE-AOS - Specimen
Just awarded the Certificate of Cultural Excellence from the American Orchid Society - the highest award given for culture. This plant is stunning, not only for its size and flower count, but also for the individual flowers. Usually dark lavender color forms that originate from the 'Black Diamond' line of breeding, as this one has, do not have such large and wide segmented flowers. Additionally, while most pumilas produce one flower per spike, this one usually produces two. We are only releasing it because we have a back up plant. October blooming. Approximately 110 bulbs, 48 spikes in flower October 2019, completely overgrowing a 6-inch wooden basket. sboe MB $2,000
18 - Cattleya Stonehouse - Specimen
One of our all-time favorite plants for its robust growth and willingness to bloom! In the top 5 of our most popular plants. Flowers are large, approx. 5" across, and produced in clusters of three to five. The sepals and petals are bright white with a deep red-magenta lip and an overall delicate sweet fragrance. An exceptional hybrid that has withstood the test of time and changing fashions since 1916; from the cross between Cattleya Canhamiana (formerly a Laeliocattleya) and Cattleya trianae. Winter blooming. Approximately 25 bulbs and large growths; nine with flower sheaths, overgrowing a 6" hanging pot. sboe MB $275
19 - Cattleya (Laelia) pumila fma. coerulea - Specimen in wooden Basket
A true gem of the hadrolaelias; nicely shaped flowers with tinted blue sepals and petals and a deeper blue-edged lip. Native to Brazil. September-October blooming. Approximately 30 bulbs, 15 are leads, 12 spikes in flower October 2019, overgrowing a 4-inch slatted basket. sboe MB $250
20 - Cattleya Ruby Riot 'Fanfare'
A select clone with clusters of five large 5.25" dark red flowers. It inherited the sweet spicy fragrance of its tigrina parent. From the cross between Cattleyas tigrina and Pacavia. Summer blooming. 5 bulbs, 3 are leads, in a 5-inch pot. sboe MB 150
21 - Cattlianthe Minerva fma. coerulea 'Sunny Day'
This clone carrys the best qualities available in the cross. The inflorescences are erect, the flower count high (13 per spike), the petals a dark lilac blue, and the lip center a beautiful contrasting bright yellow. As with C. loddigessii, the color intensifies as the flowers age. October blooming. 12 bulbs, 2 leads (1 in flower October 2019), in 6-inch pot sboe MB $125
22 - Cymbidium canaliculatum var. sparksii 'Star Fire'
The best, biggest, and darkest cultivar we have seen of this species. Additionally, it is a good grower and bloomer, producing 5 spikes with an average of 38 flowers per spike just prior to being divided this last March. Flowers are near-black deep red-brown. Native to North Queensland Australia, it has thick, stiff, succulent-like leaves and arching to pendant inflorescenses. Spring blooming. 2 bulbs and one large growth, with 1 spike, in 6-inch pot. sboe MB $175
23 - Cymbidium (Via Ambarino x Red Cross) - Flask
Expect giant yellows to reds from this cross. The Via Ambarino clone used is the 14 cm 'Jim' and the Red Cross clone is 14 cm 'Fiery Orb'. Winter blooming. Approximately 25 plantlets, ready to come out, in flask. sboe MB $100
24 - Cymbidium (Wigianum x Golden Bean) - Compot
For fragrant Cymbidium lovers it will be hard to beat this cross. Wigianum is the large-flowered product of the spicey scented tracyanum crossed with the sweet smelling eburneum and Golden Bean the fragrant product of Golden Elf crossed with Miretta. Colors should range from straw-yellow to peach. Approximately 20 plants in a 4-inch community pot. sboe MB $75
25 - Dendrobium Avril's Gold 'Cosmic Pepper'
A select clone with dark red dotting/dusting over saturated gold-orange. From the cross of Aussie Child and speciosum. Winter blooming. 7 bulbs, 1 to 2 leads, in a 4-inch pot. sboe MB $250
26 - Dendrobium Falling Embers 'Fire Dance'- Specimen
The terete leafed Dendrobiums (aka as Dockrillias) produce some of the most sublimally beautiful displays. With the background of their graceful cascading thin cylinderical leaves, the golden flowers are perfectly contrasted. From the crossing of Dendrobium fuliginosa with Ida Mary. February - March blooming. Approximately 250 leaves, with 25 being leads, overgrowing a 7 inch hanging pot. Plant cascaded down aprox. 36". sboe MB $325
27 - Dendrobium speciosum var. grandiflorum 'Gold River'
Produces long arching to cascading inflorescences of dark yellow flowers. Winter-spring bloom. 4 bulbs, 2 are leads, in 6-inch pot. sboe MB $150
28 - Dendrobium speciosum 'Spring Melody'
An exhibition quality clone. Flower size is large with a perky shape and texture. Color is cream-yellow with perfect presentation on the spike. From the crossing of var. speciosum with var. curvicaule. February - March bloom. 4 bulbs, 1 is a lead, in 6-inch pot. sboe MB $250
29 - Dendrobium striolatum - Specimen
The profuse, delicate terete leaves of this Australian native are just as intriguing as the small, striped yellowish-brown fragrant flowers that it produces each spring. Among the hardiest of evergreen orchids, takes extreme heat and cold. February - March blooming. A 14" diameter sphere with approximately 500 leaves, 50 being leads, overgrowing a 4 inch slatted wooden basket. sboe MB $250
30 - Dendrobium tetragonum - Specimen
The Australian spider orchid, distinctive for not only its scented spider-like 2" to 3" flowers but also its beautifully formed 4 sided pseudobulbs. Pendant growth habit. February-March flowering. 25 bulbs, 8 are leads, in 10-inch slatted redwood basket. sboe MB $275
31 - Encyclia [alboxanthina x incumbens (syn aromatica )] - Flask
A new cross between two of our favorite Encyclias: alboxanthina for its large (for an Encyclia) lime green flowers and incumbens (syn aromatica) for its floriferousness and branching habit. Approximately 25 Plantlets in a flask. sboe MB $75
32 - Epidendrum parkinsonianum - Specimen
A striking species from Mexico and Central America. Its leaves are pendant and somewhat succulent and serve as a beautiful visual contrast to the large, but thin delicate, white and green flowers. The real treat happens at night when this moth pollinated orchid begins to emit its sweet fragrance. In specimen size, the effect is multiplied exponentially. Flowers are long lasting, often over a month. May-June blooming. Approximately 23 leaves, 6 leads, just transferred to a 14-inch slatted redwood basket. sboe MB $225
33 - Journal: "Orquidea" Volume 1 (12 issues), 1971, unbound
Para los amantes de las orquideas mexicanas. El primer volumen de 12 revistas "Orquidea" publicado por la Asociacion Amigos de las Orquideas en Mexico. The first volume of "Orquidea", the official magazine of The Mexican Orchid Society in Spanish. Great information about Mexican orchids, dealers, locations, new varieties, and Mexican & American scientists. From the Paul Gripp archives. 12 unbound issues, condition fair. sboe MB $35
34 - Laelia anceps var. dawsonii 'Lipstick'
This exceptional clone came from the crossing of a semi-alba dawsonii form that produces 5 flowers per spike with the champion breeder 'SanBar Marble King'. Petals are white with the lip carrying a bright patch of purple with yellow in the throat. 3 bulbs, 1 is a lead, 1 spike, in 6-inch pot. sboe MB $250
35 - Laelia anceps 'Junipero Serra'
Winner of the Best Laelia anceps of Show at the 2018 Santa Barbara Fall Show. Very fine lavender flowers on graceful, arching inflorescences. A massive 'Mendenhall' type. A truly hardy species from Mexico. 3 bulbs, 1 is a lead, 1 flowering spike, in 5-inch pot. sboe MB $75
36 - Laelia anceps fma. guerrero 'SanBar Guerrero' AM/AOS - Specimen
An original division of one of our most stunning Laelia anceps. Petals are pale lavender increasing in intensity to dark rose on the tips. The lip is a boldly contrasting dark lavender with yellow in the throat. 30 bulbs, 9 are leads, 8 spikes, overgrowing its 8 inch hanging pot. sboe MB $1,500
37 - Laelia anceps fma. lineata - Specimen
A garden size specimen of this unusual feathered color form. Fall - Winter bloom. 100+ bulbs, 50 are leads, 48 spikes, in 32" diameter tub. sboe MB $1,500
38 - Laelia anceps fma. lineata 'SanBar Striata Nana' AM/AOS
This beautiful color type is characterized by dark streaks/feathering throughout the petals. This clone is one of the best of this type; strong and clear feathering, good presentation, and a reasonable flower spike length. October-November blooming. 15 bulbs, 6 are leads, 6 spikes, in 8-inch pot. sboe MB $300
39 - Laeliocattleya Aztec Torch 'Autumn Embers'
Tall clusters of flowers with salmon-pink petals and red-purple lips. A fine clone from the cross of Cattleya granulosa and Laelia Ancibarina. October blooming. 8 bulbs, 2 are leads, 2 spikes in flower October 2019, in 10-inch pot. sboe MB $175
40 - Laeliocattleya Gene Baum 'Sophia'
One of the best clones from our cross of the bright yellow rupiculous Laelia hybrid Icarus with the tetraploid, Laelia anceps 'SanBar Marble King'. Better than any similar hybrid, this one retains the fine anceps qualities of shape, elegance, and vigor, but with beautiful yellow color. Winter bloom. 3 bulbs, 1 is a lead, 1 spike, in 5-inch pot. sboe MB $175
41 - Leptotes bicolor - Specimen
This Eastern Brazilian epiphyte is a favorite of ours because of its ability to bloom numerous flowers that are quite large relative to its tiny plant size. The flowers are white and have an intensely vibrant pink lip. March - April blooming. Approximately 100 leaves, with 25 being leads, in a 4-inch wooden basket. sboe MB $250
42 - Lycaste aromatica - Small Specimen
For most of the year this Mexican species carries large lush green leaves. However, come April they start to turn yellow and soon drop, only to reveal the proliferation of flower buds that in May-June will turn to bright cinnamon-scented yellow-orange flowers. 8 lead bulbs and growths with 10 back bulbs, set in 7-inch hanging pot. sboe MB $225
43 - Nageliella (Domingoa) purpurea 'Santa Barbara' - Specimen
A variety with particularly broad and beautifully speckled leaves. This vigorously growing temperature tolerant species produces clusters of small vibrant purple flowers on the end of one to two foot long inflorescences. Flowers bloom off the old spikes year after year. Spring and summer blooming. Approximately 50 bulbs, with 20 being leads, and 50+ old inflorescences; many to bloom again this spring, in an 8-inch wooden basket. sboe MB $325
44 - Oncidum enderianum 'Bronze Age' HCC/AOS - Mounted specimen
This group of Oncidiums grow and look best when mounted. On this one, the flower clusters are held perfectly 2 to 3 feet above the foliage and roots nearly completely cover its redwood mount. Flower sepals and petals are saddle brown with narrow yellow edging. Lip is also brown with golden-yellow triangle in center. The new nomenclature for this one is Gomesa praetexta. October - November blooming. Approximately 11 bulbs, 2 are leads, 2 spikes, mounted on wooden plank. sboe MB $165
45 - Oncidium Jiuhbao Gold 'Tainan', AM/AOS
For us this is the showiest and most robust outdoor growing Oncidium. It produces magnificient, three foot tall, branching, sprays. Flowers are nearly three inches tall, and of rich yellow color overlaid with patterns of deep brown. When awarded this plant had over 50 flowers on one inflorescence! Grows well in the intermediate house, or outside with the Cymbidiums. From the crossing of Oncidium Shonan and Oncidium Kaizumic Delight. October - November blooming. 8+ bulbs, 2 are leads, with two large inflorescences, in a 10" hanging pot. sboe MB $300
46 - Renanthera SanBar Solar Flare 'Eclipse'
A select clone with large, bright red dotted, orange and red flowers on branched inflorescences. Overall height of the invidual flowers is 10 cm. From the crossing of Scarlet Belle and citrina. 1 fan, 10-inches tall, 8-inch fan width, in 4-inch pot. sboe MB $75
47 - Rhyncholaeliocattleya Peachy Keen 'Fiesta Del Sol'
With its freely produced large peach colored flowers on a relatively compact plant, this cultivar really grabs ones attention when one entering the greenhouse. From the cross of Sweet Amy with Cantalope. Spring blooming. 4 bulbs, 1 is a lead, in sheath, in a 5-inch pot. sboe MB $115
48 - Sarcochilus ceciliae - Specimen
As a small potted plant, this tiny Australian species is charming. As a 40 fan specimen at home in its 6" slatted wood basket, it is an unforgetable sight. Its succulent-like foliage is mature at about two inches tall, and the sequentially blooming, hot-pink, flower sprays can reach up to five inches tall and will carry flowers for three or more months! April - May - June blooming. Approximately 40 fans, 15 spikes in June 2019, in a 6-inch slatted wood basket. sboe MB $275
49 - Vanda Manuel Torres 'Burgundy Pink'
We have made great progress on breeding temperature tolerant Vandas. Challenges have been introducing new colors and varieties that resist cold induced leaf spotting. This clone is a standout for both its large rich burgundy to pink flowers and clean foliage (even when briefly exposed to temperatures down to 32 degrees!) 2 fans about 10 inches tall, 12-inch-wide tip to tip, in 10-inch wooden basket. sboe MB $150
50 - Vanda Splish Splash 'Purple Blast'
This clone's beauty lies in its large flowers with dense dark purple spotting over a cream-yellow base color. From the cross of Vandas suavis and Jose Coronado. Summer blooming. 2 fans, 18 inches tall, 14 inches wide, in 6-inch hanging pot. sboe MB $200
51 - Booklet: Bee Orchids, 1985, by Stephen Blackmore
This British booklet discusses the features of many terrestrial orchids native to Great Britain, with emphasis on the genus Ophrys and particular emphasis on the Bee Orchid, Ophrys apifera. From the Paul Gripp archives. 24 page stapled booklet in fair condition. Twelve color plates and 8 black and white figures. Number 3 in the Shire Natural History Series. sboe MB $35
52 - Letter from B.O. Bracy
A letter from one of orchid-doms most famous growers, breeders, managers, mentors, AOS trustees, authors, entrepreneur, icons - the famous Mr. Benjamin O. Bracy.The letter to Mr. R.J. Chrisman with a reference to the famous Joe Hampton on B.O. Bracy and Company stationary with a very bold, black, artistic signature of the iconic Mr. B.O. Bracy. From the Paul Gripp archives. Single page typed and signed letter sboe MB $25

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